Strange Sights Around the Olympic Peninsula

Werewolves and sea stacks and rain forests are just a few of the quirky characteristics of the Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Coast. Here are a few more unusual sights not to miss.

The trucks Bella drove in both the book and movie version of Twilight are parked outside the Chamber of Commerce in Forks.

The Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond is home to 27 horse-drawn vehicles, including Belle Watling’s carriage from Gone With the Wind.

The Pacific County Courthouse in South Bend, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, features a Tiffany glass dome.

The largest Christmas tree made out of crab pots can be found in Ilwaco.

The World Kite Museum in Long Beach features kites that survived World War II.

There are six miles of beaches, two freshwater lakes, 23 miles of canals and an old-growth rain forest in the middle of Ocean Shores, which is where you can also walk through the 10-foot jaws of a (man-made) great white at Sharky’s gift shop.

—Julie H. Case