Six Breathtaking Washington Hikes

Blooming wildflowers, glassy lakes, and snowcapped peaks - take to the trails to discover Washington’s beauty firsthand.
Washington Vacation
Washington Vacation

Rialto Beach and Hole-In-The-Wall
Easy; 4 miles round-trip

The driftwood-strewn shores of Washington’s Pacific Coast can’t be beat. Walk along Rialto Beach’s rugged shoreline on your way to a towering rock arch shaped by ages of surf. This essential Pacific Northwest hike is worth the trip whatever the weather. 

Skyline Trail Loop

Intermediate; 5.5 miles

Mount Rainier is a fixed icon on the Western Washington horizon. Head to Mt. Rainier National Park for an up-close-and-personal look at the snowy peak with rocky ridges, waterfalls, and alpine meadows.

Heather-Maple Pass Loop

Difficult; 7.2 miles

On this longer trek in North Cascades National Park, journey to dreamy Lake Ann on your way up the rocky pass. Bask in panoramic views of the stunning Cascade Range, and enjoy wildflowers in spring and bright maples in fall.

Klickitat Rail Trail--Klickitat River

Easy; 10.5 miles round-trip

Walk, bike, or ride a horse next to the roaring Klickitat River, running along an old railroad bed while taking in dramatic views of rolling hills and countryside of southwestern Washington.

Quincy Lakes Trail

Intermediate; 6 miles round-trip

Head south from Quincy for scenic flat strolls past willow trees, waterfalls, wetlands, and lakes sunken into basalt canyons on this beginner-friendly trail. It’s especially worth a visit in spring, when violet-hued Bonneville shooting stars and other flowers begin to bloom.

Mount Constitution

Difficult: 7.2 miles round-trip

This Orcas Island point is the highest in the San Juan Islands. Located in Moran State Park, the hike winds through old-growth forests and sprawling meadows. Enjoy stunning views of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and the islands at the peak’s observation tower.

 - Aly Brady

Photo by Deby Dixon

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