Go Whale Watching in Washington State

Experience the beauty, elegance and majesty of these animals off the coast of Washington State.
Vacation in Washington State
Vacation in Washington State

Whale watching in Washington State is sure to bring a smile to your face—not only will you see whales, you’ll also see a wide variety of other animals native to the area: sea lions, seals, porpoises, bald eagles, a variety of sea birds and otters. The most common whale species in the area is the orca, but you’re likely to see other species as well; gray, minke and humpback whales are common to the area too.

Whale watching season is from May to September, but the 30-foot mammals can be spotted year-round. There are a large number of tour operators ready to take you out by boat to see them. While in the San Juans book tours with San Juan Safaris. From Bellingham, go with San Juan Cruises. If you're departing from Seattle or Port Townsend, try Puget Sound Express.

You can expect to spend between three and seven hours on a tour, depending on where you depart from and the agenda of the particular tour. Boats can be small and fast or large and a bit slower. The larger, slower ones are usually more comfortable so be sure to do your research before you book your tour if you have a preference. 

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