Five Perfect Places to Relax in Washington State

Restorative mud baths, sprawling labyrinths, and natural hot springs make these restful retreats ideal for indulging in some downtime.
Washington Vacation
Washington Vacation

Washington’s abundance of evergreen forests, woodland rivers, and remote lakes makes the state the perfect place to retreat to nature and relax.

Soak in the scenic beauty of Olympic National Park at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, where three mineralized spring-water pools and one freshwater pool await. 

At Carson Hot Springs in Carson, just north of the Columbia River Gorge, unwind in the resort’s mineral therapy pool or in a vintage clawfoot tub filled with spring water, bath salts, and sea moss in the 1930s bathhouse.

Grant County’s Soap Lake is so called because the water’s high mineral content makes it naturally slick and foamy. Despite its squeaky-clean name, it’s known for its thick black mud, which some say has healing properties. Slather some on, relax on the beach, and see for yourself.

Truly escape at a totally immersive relaxation center. Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island treats you to a stunning 72-acre nature reserve, along with a sculpture garden and a labyrinth to wander.

Fans of Twin Peaks may recognize Salish Lodge & Spa in Snoqualmie as one of the show’s locations. Off screen, the real drama comes from the lodge’s setting atop the iconic Snoqualmie Falls. Take in panoramic views of the falls and the surrounding forest while you enjoy a body treatment featuring honey from the lodge’s on-site apiary.

 -Aly Brady

Photo Courtesy of Salish Lodge and Spa